Meet Martin Krug

Martin Krug

Martin earned a bachelor’s degree from St. Andrews Presbyterian College and a master’s degree from the School for International Training. He enjoys spending his free time mountain biking and finding honey holes and that elusive perfect boondocking spot with his son on “Camp and Cranks”. He will not tell you where either are for signing a representation agreement. For extra credit he coaches inappropriately from the parent’s sideline at his son’s soccer games.


Make no mistake, Compass Realty is a for profit venture. But we also love Western North Carolina. As a result we conduct real estate in the most responsible way we know how.

We want you to capitalize on your real estate investment. But we want to do so with all of your goals in mind and in the modern paradigm of sustainable living and development. We broaden the concept of value from market value to holistic value. We believe that well-stewarded real estate will reach its highest and best use through thoughtful, long-term planning. With this approach we seek to maximize your investment without destroying our community or the environment.


In addition to this being our guiding principle we donate 5% of all commissions earned annually over $75,000 to the environmental cause of our choosing (recommendations welcome).

Related Shameless Plug:

Please also check out one of our favorite non-profit efforts, Team Rubicon.

We support Team Rubicon which is often tasked with cleaning up after our messes when we don’t treat our environment with respect. They are an incredibly effective boots on the ground disaster response organization with a passion for veterans.


“I can’t say enough great things about Martin Krug, my real estate broker extraordinaire! From start to finish, Martin was an absolute professional, guiding me through the purchase of my dream 9-acre home in Alexander, NC. What sets Martin apart is his unwavering dedication to his clients and their best interests. Unlike some brokers who are solely focused on closing deals and earning commissions, Martin is committed to ensuring that his clients find the perfect property for their needs at the right price. Despite encountering some bumps along the way with the seller, Martin handled everything flawlessly. His negotiation skills were top-notch, and he always had my best interests at heart. Martin’s ability to find reasonable resolutions ensured a smooth transaction and left me feeling confident every step of the way. What’s more, Martin’s background as an investor brings an invaluable perspective to the table. His thoughtful analysis on property valuation provides invaluable insights, empowering clients to make informed decisions. If you’re in the market for a dedicated, trustworthy real estate broker, look no further than Martin Krug. He’s simply the best!” ~ R

“I just wanted to thank you for helping me sell my property on XYZ Rd. I have been investing for many years and have never had such a competent Realtor.  You have an excellent knowledge of the area, if you didn’t have the answer, you researched it. You stayed on top of the entire transaction, following up on all the tests that were required for approval by the building department, spoke with neighbors to reassure them, keeping me informed the every step of the way. You are a true professional and I would recommend you to anyone and everyone, including my family.

I wish you all the very best Martin, you certainly deserve it.

It’s been a pleasure to have you as my Realtor.” ~ V